Bitter fruits article


Sorry for the lack of posting, life gets busy! I cannot emphasize how much I would love to wake up tomorrow and have this organization up and running. I get so passionate about the opportunities and challenges to the idea. My passions just came flooding out when I was reading one of my favorite publications, the Economist. The August 13th - 19th 2016 edition had a fantastic article titled Bitter fruits. This article is exactly what I get excited about. It is right on and I agree with everything in it. Especially this line, " is crucial to change cultural attitudes towards nutrition. The tobacco industry offers a useful example. As smoking has become less socially acceptable, smoking rates have declined. If people could come to view inhaling a cheesecake, or Big macs in the same way, American's waistlines would shrink along with their health-care bills." (Bitter fruits). This is what the large vision of Healthy Exertion is about.